Property and Portfolio Management Services  

Property Management

Are you a landlord for investment purposes only?  Has the day to day management of your investment properties got you second guessing your investment choice?  We are a full service property management company offering both management and maintenance services to assist in the day to day operation of your real estate asset.  We are here to take the stress of property management off your plate and allow you to focus on profitability without weighing you down with the day to day management of those properties.  Our management services will allow you to maximize tenant satisfaction and increase cash flows while maintaining the integrity and long term value of your asset.


A good property management company should minimize your expenses while maximizing your profit.   Most landlords want us to perform nearly all tasks in managing their property.  Our general duties include:  finding, qualifying, selecting, and managing relations with tenants, handling contract issues with the tenants, maintaining accounting records, overseeing legal tasks, performing maintenance services and managing the property turn over in between the tenants.  This list is not inclusive of all the tasks that a property management company will perform.  Property management services are specific to each property and as issues present themselves they need to be handled uniquely.  Overall, rent collection is just a small part of what we do for our landlords.


Why investors trust Kempa and Associates with their properties:

  • Cost-Effective Pricing - a straightforward fee structure with no
    hidden charges
  • Local Experience - expertise on area rental rates, proper licensing
    and insurance
  • Shorter Vacancies - a comprehensive marketing and leasing strategy to
    rent faster, acquiring high quality tenants
  • Rigorous Screening - includes criminal, credit, income and
    employment checks
  • Online Tenant and Owner Portals - 24/7 access to your account information
  • Streamlined Collections - to ensure timely payments and improved
    cash flow
  • Cost-Effective Maintenance - in-house team and preferred
    vendor discounts
  • Centralized Accounting - for property portfolios large and small
  • Owner Direct Deposit and 1099 - easy, fast payment each month
  • Trust Accounting - for tenant security deposits, etc. with
    independent audits
  • Regular Property Inspections - both inside and out to assess
    property condition, written reports provided offer security of your investment
  • Maintenance & Emergency Services - to limit expenses, turnover
    and liability
  • Professional Remodel Services - affordable options when you
    need them, managed by a construction manager
  • Highly-Trained Staff - licensed and certified staff ensures professionalism, consistency and reliability
  • Impeccable Ethics & Integrity




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